Best Christmas Lights in Charlottesville (area)

A little help would be appreciated … I know there are more out there. Where are the best Christmas lights in Charlottesville?

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So far, here’s the list:

– Agnese Street in Charlottesville
– Mountain View Street in Charlottesville
– Fairway Avenue in Charlottesville
– Elliot Avenue in Charlottesville
– Western Ridge neighborhood in Crozet
– Old Trail neighborhood in Crozet
– Preddy Creek neighborhood in Ruckersville
– Westhall neighborhood in Crozet

If you’re interested, these are the some of the best places to get Christmas trees in the Charlottesville area, and this story explains and dispels some of the mythology around Dr. Seuss, the Grinch, Hooville and Charlottesville.

Update: This is a BatchGeo map that shows a lot locations for Christmas lights.

Update 18 December … a Gary Kriebel sent me the following map (his GPS cut out a little bit at the end) and this kml file (download it and open it in Google Earth) of his family’s trip around Charlottesville on the Gingerbread Express,  a tour put on by the Downtown Business Assocation. While it looks like the tour itself is over, you can take it yourself using the map below :

Gingerbread Express

Update 20 December – I took a few photos, in part because I’m testing my new Nexus Galaxy phone.

And this is a map of these four locations, from Charlottesville to Ivy to Crozet.

Update 23 December 2011:

Donna sent in these pics (not the map … I’m having wordpress issues) –

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  • Megan

    So, there is a short stretch of some crazy houses on Preddy Creek Rd in between the two Preddy Creek subdivisions in Greene County! Not a whole lot of houses, but it is an intense small area!!!

    • Jim Duncan

      Thanks, Megan. I’ve added that to the map.

  • Stacey

    There’s a house with lights that are synchronized to music in Westhall.

    • Jim Duncan

      Really? That’s outstanding. Thanks, Stacey!

  • Jocelyn

    Fairway Ave in Cville is worth a drive if you’re in the neighborhood.  Elliott Ave is also worth a pass.

    • Jim Duncan

      Thanks, Jocelyn – I’d forgotten about Fairway. Added to the list and map.

  • Dan

    I converted Gary Kriebel’s KML file to a GPS route and drove it last night. As far as I can tell, it’s a faithful capture of the Gingerbread Express route. If you use Gary’s data, be sure to add the intersection of Monticello Road and Mountain View Street to the end of his route. There’s something amazing there!

    Thanks to Gary and Jim for sharing this.

    • Gary

      That’s awesome, Dan. My iPhone app lost signal toward the end and we did go to Monticello & Mountain View. The bus had a fun time navigating the road. I’m glad the route was mostly complete and Jim was able to post it.

      Merry Christmas to all.

  • Dave

    1547 Church Plains Drive off of 240 in Crozet.

    • Jim Duncan


      Thanks, Dave.