Wegmans, Cracker Barrel and a Target on 5th Street?

Wegmans, Cracker Barrel, a Target … and maybe even a new connector road, bike paths and hiking trails on 5th Street?

We had the rumors at the Nest Report a few days ago and Charlottesville Tomorrow reports this morning that the “Fifth and Avon Center is Moving Forward.

Update 24 February 2012 – Ah well. No Cracker Barrel in Charlottesville.

Stay tuned – the neighborhoods in the Fifth Street and Avon Street corridors are about to get closer to stuff – which is mostly good … except for the trees and nature that will have to be destroyed to make way for said stuff.

Update 24 April 2012: I have a new unconfirmed rumor that Wegmans has been signed.

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  • Pegster57

    YAY! A nice grocery store on 5th St. No more shopping at the skanky Food Lion!

    • http://realcentralva.com Jim

      Agreed. “Great grocery store” is one of the things my clients consistently ask for. I also hear that Wegmanss have a similarly loyal following to Trader Joe’s.

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  • Featfan

    NICE!!!  I moved from the Buffalo NY area 6 months ago, and the thing I miss the most is Wegmans!!!!!  (and Andersons)