July’s Monthly Note – Bicycling, The Market and Other Exclusive Insight

Plank Road

Once a month, I publish some of the best stuff I write. I talk about the market, the area, and provide insight that I don’t provide anywhere else – and I don’t publish the notes’ archives either – so this is a unique audience and note.

I’ll be publishing the July note tomorrow and some of the subjects I’ll probably be writing about are:

- The state of the Charlottesville real estate market
– Recapping June on RealCentralVA (and maybe RealCrozetVA) – I know that many don’t want to read ~15 posts a month, but one note a month is just right. :)
– How a Facebook post almost got out of hand (and how I couldn’t and haven’t figured out how to close comments on a Facebook post)
– Shifting to bicycling – reasons and consequences
– A buyer’s recounting of the process
– Hoodies followup

There are a few other things I’m debating including, and I strive to keep these notes efficient – no more and 5 topics and less than 1,000 or so words.

If you’re interested, I’d greatly appreciate your registering.

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Father, husband, Charlottesville real estate agent, bicycle rider & soccer coach. And more. Lots more.
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