No Good Way into Downtown Charlottesville Right Now

Downtown Charlottesville  Construction

Right now, there seems to be no good way into Downtown Charlottesville right now. These projects are short lived, but I’ve heard from many people that it seems there are more road projects and construction as Charlottesville than at any other time in recent memory.

- Construction of the Battle Building on one side of West Main (more from UVA Health News)

- Construction of the interchange at Mcintire and 250

- Construction of the Residence Inn at the intersection of West Main and Mcintire/Ridge

- What projects am I missing?

If you must make it into our out of Downtown Charlottesville, the best way I’ve found as of yet is 64 – 5th Street Extended. What are your best routes?

While we’re talking about the future of West Main – if you’re looking for something to do tomorrow -

Update 9 DecemberSean Tubbs at Cville Tomorrow has a great report on the West Main forum.

(click through for an embedded map)

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  • Stormy

    Your best route is my best route, but avoid it from about 7:50-8:30 weekday mornings. The right-turn-only onto Elliott and the left turn onto Cherry cause a backup nearly all the way down the hill.

    The road work at West Main/Ridge-McIntire appears finished for now. They’ll have to repave the entire area once the hotel is built.

    • Jim Duncan

      That 5th Street backup is awful. Sometimes I take the 64 to 20 to Monticello but that gets infuriatingly backed up as well. Luckily I don’t often come in at peak times.

  • Chris

    My best route is on a bike through neighborhood streets :) Though the other day when I was in a car and traffic on the eastbound bypass was backed up all the way to Dairy Road, I exited at Dairy, went toward CHS then took Melbourne Rd. to Park St. and Park back to the bypass. That’s backed up too but it was definitely faster than sitting in the mess that was on the bypass that day.

    • Jim Duncan

      I’ve not had time (or opportunity) to ride by bike in the City for weeks … I imagine it’s a bit more perilous now that when so much is not under construction.