Virginia’s General Assembly is Upon Us Again – 2014 Edition

Once again, the Virginia General Assembly will be in session soon. They’ll be filing all sorts of bills from whether a meth lab house needs to be disclosed (they tried this one last year, too) to whether there should be an extended minimum clearance space vehicles passing bicycles to this oddity: “Signing of pleadings, motions, and other papers; real estate licensees. Proscribes an individual from alleging a real estate licensee has engaged in untrue, deceptive, or misleading advertising unless such licensee has been convicted doing so.”

Richmond Sunlight is a tremendous resource for staying informed, getting educated, and realizing that there’s an awful lot of Commending in the General Assembly and that paid lobbyists are probably the only ones who can keep up with the flood of bills (and know which ones are BS, which ones are legitimate, who’s supporting what and which ones have a chance to pass).

As distasteful as politics are, this stuff matters. If you’re interested in what I’m tracking, these are the bills that I’m following. What interests you?

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