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Difference Between Clients and Customers

Question: What's the difference between a real estate client and a real estate customer? Answer: Quite a bit.

I was with a a customer a few weeks ago and and we had an interesting conversation about the differences between a customer and a client.

Some basic definitions … from the Code of Virginia:

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Top 5 Questions Home buyers ask

.. And why Realtors can't answer most of them. Riffing off of the WSJ's timely article this morning: 1- Are there kids in this neighborhood? Look for balls, bikes and playground sets. Despite the fact that most families with kids want to live in neighborhoods with other kids, this is (per my training) deemed to be a Fair Housing Law violation. 2- How are the schools? Greatschools and School Matters are good starting points, but nothing can replace actually visiting the schools and meeting the principals. We are all customers of the public school system. 3 - What type of people live here? Many folks want to live with like-minded people, be they other families, medical residents, professors, young professionals, fellow retirees ... I just won't answer these questions. You want demographics without walking the neighborhoods and knocking on doors? Check out the Census' Fact Finder. 4 - Is this area safe? Click through to read the rest ...
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Looking for School Information in Charlottesville or Albemarle (or beyond)?

ProPublica has released/aggregated a lot of information on Central Virginia schools. Oddly, neither Greene County nor Nelson County are listed. What a useful time to remind folks to check your school district before you buy . Redistricting happens. And school districts matter.
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Protecting Clients – Good Realtors are Buffers

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Even More on Buyer Agency – and Why it Matters

More stories after the break ...
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5 Steps to Searching for Price Reductions on Homes in the Charlottesville

One of my favorite searches is the one I set up that sends me results via RSS for homes with at least a 10% price reduction over the past 30 days . Step One : Visit my Detailed Charlottesville Home Search Page Step 2 : Search by School District (which remains the best way to search for homes in Charlottesville with a geographical limiter) - Check your school district before you buy - School Values and Housing Prices Step 3 : Set your price drop criteria Price reductions in the Charlottesville real estate market - 10% in past 30 days Step 4: View the search results   dsSearchAgent __ Mapping IDX Solution-1.jpg Step 5 : Save the Search. ... • Unrestricted access to all properties • Receive property updates for your searches via Email • Save your favorite properties   • Add your own notes to listings   • Create and save your personal searches   • Keep track of properties you've viewed   • Receive updates through a RSS reader ...Now, Check out the Listing Price History on your results Listing price history on Charlottesville/Albemarle homes for sale As always, if you have questions, please contact me anytime .
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Pre-Offer Home Inspections – A GREAT Idea

Every real estate market is different; this one has brought more pre-offer inspections than I have ever seen (in part because I'm more comfortable suggesting them to my buyer clients). ... The home inspection negotiation is often the most emotional, vindictive, painful and difficult periods of the negotiation; a pre-offer inspection removes phase. ... Risks : - Even in this market, homes are selling; some are selling with multiple offers and buyers can lose properties if they opt for the pre-offer inspection path - Some sellers don't want to allow these; they want assurances that a buyer is really committed before allowing a home inspection. ... One must evaluate all factors involved, some of which are the buyers, the sellers, the buyers' agent, the sellers' agent, the respective companies, the days on market, market activity to name a few ...
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