No High School Rankings in Albemarle County Schools?

Albemarle County is in discussions about whether to stop ranking students.
In response to calls from parents to stop reporting class rankings to college admissions offices, Albemarle County Public Schools is in the process of reviewing its policy. Currently, Albemarle reports class ranks to colleges and universities in deciles, but many parents feel that doing so paints students below the top 10 percent negatively in the eyes Read More

Verify your School District Before you Buy a Home


There's nothing worse than buying a home, a large part of that buying decision being the school district, to then find that you're not in the school district you thought. (hopefully before you close) It happens. "School District" is one of the most important criteria identified by my buyer clients searching for homes - school districts matter. Better schools = higher home prices. Bad data entry happens. To all of us. Read More