Vacant Homes in Charlottesville MSA – 2012 Update

I've tracked the housing vacancy rate for homes actively on the market in the Charlottesville MSA irregularly over the past several years; it's an indicator as to the health of the housing market. More occupied homes = a healthier market. The last time I checked, the percent of homes on the market in the Charlottesville MLS that showed as being "vacant" in the showing instructions was about 22%. In 2008, that percentage was about 33%. In Read More

Greene County Real Estate Market Update – August 30 2011

What does this mean? It means simply that the Greene County real estate market - and Greene County itself - is becoming more self-sufficient and independent of Charlottesville-Albemarle (CharlAlbemarle). People are choosing to buy and live in Greene County and don't have to commute into the City of Charlottesville or Albemarle to work. I'd *love* to see updated commuting data from the US Census. In this market, Read More

Charlottesville MSA Real Estate Market Update – August 2011 – How This Matters to You

Pending Contracts in the Charlottesville MSA are UP, year over year. But if you're looking to buy a home in the Charlottesville area or if you're trying to or thinking about selling, this number doesn't matter to you one bit. What matters is - what is the market doing on my street? In my neighborhood? In my elementary school district? What happens at the top level - national, Read More