How Long Will you Drive to Get to the Charlottesville Wegmans?


A serious question: if you already live in the area, will you make a special trip to the store? If you live up 29 North will you go here? If you live in Crozet, will you go here? Wegmans is coming. I saw that all the trees were gone, so I turned around to take this picture. Amazing how quickly land is cleared, particularly in context of how long this project has been in the works. Read More

More Houses Coming Near Mill Creek

I'd call this, generally, good density - in the urban ring, less than 10 minutes (east/south east) to the Downtown Mall, good access to schools and 64, close to stuff (including the coming Wegmans), and (hopefully) meeting the needs of the marketplace. If the end result looks close to the rendering ... (and if there are sidewalks and crosswalks). More infill neighborhoods, so long as the accompanying infrastructure improvements, are examples of relatively good growth. Read More