Belvedere in Charlottesville – Now Growing. Fast


In this case, growing is a good thing. The neighborhood is thriving, homes are selling, people are happy. The neighborhood may not be 100% what was originally envisioned, but from my outsider's point of view, I would argue that it is better - the neighborhood has taken ownership and initiative. If you haven't been in the Read More

A Good Neighborhood (in Charlottesville) – Belvedere

Bret in Belvedere writes: The other day the weather was nice and children and their parents were on the playground, on the sidewalks, and in the alleys, laughing, chatting and generally having fun. I felt a familiar feeling and searched for what it was and realized that this neighborhood, on these days, reminds me of Sesame Street. And for me, that's a good feeling. I always tell my buyer clients to visit neighborhoods without me at various times - Read More

Reader Question – What do you think about Fifeville?

"curious if you are familiar with the fifeville neighborhood in charlottesville. and if so what you think about the huge price tags on houses in a neighborhood that is clearly still in the early stages of gentrification" Thank you for the question. For starters, I wrote about Fifeville last year. From a market perspective, I like Fifeville. I like its location between the Downtown Mall and University of Virginia's Main Grounds and its proximity to Read More

Charlottesville relocation map

There is an awful lot of information that can be found online. Maps are plenty, but being able to fold one up and take it with you is something that the internet has not yet accomplished. All of the relocation packages I send out have color-coded (courtesy of Crayola) maps that highlight some of the most important landmarks and sub-regions of the Charlottesville/Albemarle area. While talking this week to a potential client who may be relocating to the area, I was trying to convey this without the use of Read More