A Warning about Regulating AirBnB in Charlottesville (City)

AirBnB remains a constant source of income for some, convenience for many, and challenges for adjacent homeowners in some instances. The real challenge may lie with governments’ attempts to regulate AirBnB. I was listening to 106.1 The Corner’s Coffee with a (Charlottesville City) Councilor, the Councilor being not-returning-to Council Dede Smith as they discussed AirBnB. Listen to the whole thing, but the remarkable moment for me starts around the 11 minute mark. We are putting Read More

Albemarle County Seeks to Increase Property Taxes

Albemarle County is seeking to raise real estate taxes and the City may be looking to do the same next year. The Albemarle Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to advertise a real estate tax rate of 82.4 cents per $100 of assessed property value, a 2.5-cent increase over the county’s current rate and a cent and a half higher than the rate that had been recommended by the county executive. ... Because Albemarle property values have risen, the county Read More

Changing the Proffer System in Albemarle County

I can't argue with any of this. I'd say that there has to be a balance between new homes paying their way and existing homes paying their way. “I think the presumption of the policy is that the county needs an additional means of collecting dollars to pay for capital improvements, which presumes that the existing tools that you have are not adequate,” said Frank Stoner of Milestone Partners. Stoner was among those who suggested Read More