Charlottesville Builders – Local is Good (and Bad)

Editor's note - Guest post from a local citizen whom I agreed to keep anonymous. I can personally attest to what these guys gave back to the community. Whenever I called and asked for a few bucks for charities, they gladly gave. This isn't an ode to Church Hill (but they are the largest local ones to go so far, so naturally they are on the top of everyone's minds) or any other builder - but a focus on the benefits of "local." - The most recent headline news on this topic was regarding the Read More

A New Question for Sellers to Ask When Interviewing Listing Agents in Charlottesville

It's a simple question - do you participate in IDX (Internet Data Exchange)? Meaning, will you be marketing my property not just in the Charlottesville are MLS (to other Realtors) and on the local Realtors' Association site, as well as but - on every other Realtors' site who has an IDX feed (such as the one found here)- therefore substantially increasing traffic and exposure to my property? Read Read More

A word on Trulia’s new features


Trulia announced their "Featured Listings" product the other day to much fanfare within the There's little to add to the discussion but my personal experience beta testing the product. All I have to offer are the stats provided by Trulia on my listings (click the images for higher-res) - Read More