How On-Time is Charlottesville’s Amtrak?

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Great transit is darn near a necessity for a lot of people, particularly those moving to Charlottesville from cities within the US and from Europe who are accustomed to, and dependent on, trains. Living in the City of Charlottesville without a car is doable, with the combination of bicycles, Zipcars and taxis (and you know, walking). Amtrak runs from Charlottesville to DC and New York, but how on-time is it? I've taken it a couple of Read More

6 Reasons to Buy a Home in Charlottesville in 2015


I can’t recall ever telling buyer clients that “now is the best time for you to buy a home!” But I have often counseled clients through the evaluative process of whether now could be the right time for them to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Q: Is now the right time to buy a  home in Charlottesville?  A: Maybe. It depends.   These are some of the reasons to buy a home in Charlottesville this year … as told, unprompted, Read More