7 Sunday Reads

From Thin Mints to the whether consumers are demanding bigger or tinier apartments to whether the suburbs are dying … these are a few interesting stories with relevance to the Charlottesville real estate market.

Is Charlottesville – Albemarle Infrastructure Ready for Population Boom?

Charlottesville Albemarle Population growing

If this map and data are anywhere close to accurate (thanks CityLab for pointing it out), there are going to be a lot more people living in the Charlottesville/Albemarle region in 20 years. What are the localities doing to prepare the infrastructure – roads, bike lanes, power grid – to accommodate these folks? I ask in part […]

Nest’s 2014 Market Report

2014 Annual Report -Charlottesville MSA

Read the report, digest, ask questions. I won’t bore you by pulling out stats here in the post; you’re intelligent. Download it for yourself … generally: the market is stabilizing to improving. Download Nest’s 2014 Charlottesville Market report. Despite my above preface, here are a few quick facts: New Construction: – New construction total # […]

5 Buyers Building 5 Homes in Charlottesville


As 2015 starts, I’m representing five buyers who are building four houses with four different builders, with each house currently at different stages of construction, ranging from not-yet-fully-designed to just under roof and dry.