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Why buy? Why rent? How to choose an ethical real estate agent or mortgage broker? – WNRN 1-20-13

Why buy? Why rent? How to choose an ethical real estate agent or mortgage broker? What is quality inventory? Richmond Sunlight, the General Assembly and real estate. And lots, lots more. An hour of live radio goes fast. Prepping for said show takes hours. What follows are some show notes, links, supporting stories and more. If you're interested in buying or selling in the Charlottesville area in 2013, I sincerely think this would way to spend an hour of your time.

As always, we cover a lot of ground in an hour. I do apologize; I spent an hour this morning listening to the show, researching links, putting said links in chronological order, previewed the story and *poof* it disappeared. So this story is a bit less than intended.

Matt started the show by unexpectedly noting my inclusion on the Inman 100 list; I don't often share my accomplishments, but this is a pretty significant one and I appreciated his mentioning it.

Perhaps my personal favorite parts are the (at 16:50) "how you say 'wait, don't buy that now'" when your incomes depend on sales? And then we touch on (24:30) how the consumer has a responsibility to vet the people they hire. (if you want the questions I provide my prospective clients, ask me).

Listen to the podcast at Charlottesville Podcast Network.
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The Charlottesville Real Estate Market Update – In 8 Minutes or Less

Thanks to Coy Barefoot for having me on his excellent Charlottesville - Right Now! show this afternoon. I tried to provide clear, quick analysis of the good, bad and possibly ugly in the Charlottesville real estate market - positivity framed with market realities and some context. Listen to the podcast below. Describing "where we are" in the Charlottesville real estate market is extremely difficult to accomplish in a short period 0f time; luckily there's the 1st Quarter Nest Report for more in depth insight. I think this tweet best describes today's real estate market:
18 homes closed in CharlAlbemarle last week; Days on Market ranged from 0 to 863. $/sq ft from $89 to $227.#ThereIsNoOneMarket
As always, questions welcomed.
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Nest Realty’s 1st Half 2011 “Nest Report”

Read it, download it, critique it. I'll be posting a direct link to the PDF later today. Nest Realty's Nest Report is out - a comprehensive look at "where we are" right now in the Charlottesville real estate market. Click through to download the report. .
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Should I take my home in Charlottesville off the market over the holidays?

I keep my promises . Should I take my home in Charlottesville off the market over the holidays? Maybe. It depends.
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Insight into the Home Buying and Selling Process

In my business I have found that, on average, many of my buyer clients search for between 12 and 24 months - they are searching data, market trends, growth patterns, identifying where they want to live and then focusing on the homes themselves. ... But a far lesser percentage than I expected. NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers - 2010.pdf (page 47 of 124).jpg Length of search for buyers who used an agent, first-time and repeat buyers: - I presume that the repeat buyers may be those repeat buyer buying within the region they already inhabit; they know where they want to live, so the investigative process is much shorter. LENgTH OF SEARCH FOR BuyERS wHO uSED AN AgENT, FiRST-TiME AND REPEAT BuyERS Information sources used in home search, by first-time and repeat buyers, and buyers of new and previously owned homes: - Same as last year, Internet, Real Estate Agent, Yard Sign are the top three sources. ... I'm not completely discounting print's effectiveness; for branding , print is hard to beat, for selling a house , it's not even in the conversation. iNFORMATiON SOuRCES uSED iN HOME SEARCH, By FiRST-TiME AND REPEAT BuyERS, AND BuyERS OF NEw AND PREviOuSLy OwNED HOMES A qualifier to the below chart: Good real estate agents are useful. ... As I said four years ago, Zillow Cannot Adapt ; until they develop effective Artificial Intelligence , people will be the best options. Good Charlottesville Real Estate Agents Are still the most useful No surprises here - the internet is the most frequently used information source; this is one reason that I coach my buyer clients (and any reader, really) in how to effectively search for homes in the Charlottesville area . NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers - 2010.pdf (page 49 of 124)
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The Worst MLS Listing Photo I Have Seen

bad-mls-photo.jpg That is all.
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How Much is the Buyer Broker Fee?

That question is one of the many reasons that I choose to use Buyer Broker agreements with my buyer clients . (and why ending cooperative compensation would be a boon to the real estate world ). 1 - The Seller and the Sellers' Realtor are going to do whatever they can (legally and ethically) to induce a buyer to look at the house ... and hopefully buy it. ...(this argument becomes much harder when the seller has no or negative equity) - "It's none of the Buyer's business how much I'm being paid!" (as argued by the Buyer's Agent who ostensibly is seeking to "represent" said buyer) Look, I'm not begrudging Realtors earning livings what I do encourage is for buyers to be aware of what may be going on behind the scenes.
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Discussing the Charlottesville Real Estate Market on WNRN – 27 June 2010

I'll be discussing the state of the Charlottesville real estate market this weekend on WNRN . The following are some of the stories I was (re)reading earlier this week to prep for the show. ... Vacant Homes for Sale in Charlottesville and Albemarle – June 2010 ... http://www.housingwatch.com/2010/06/18/lenders-chase-borrowers-for-money-lost-in-foreclosures/
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