Fry’s Springs Downzoning Proposed Again

City of Charlottesville Zoning Map Re-adopted 2009_9_17_2013.

The perils of zoning rear their heads in Fry's Springs. The Charlottesville City Council has agreed to consider a request from the Fry's Spring Neighborhood Association to study rezoning of three streets. “Essentially, they are asking for the properties on Stribling, Crestmont and Shamrock to be downzoned,” said Jim Tolbert, director of the city's Neighborhood Development Services. Specifically, the neighborhood association Read More

Changing the Proffer System in Albemarle County

I can't argue with any of this. I'd say that there has to be a balance between new homes paying their way and existing homes paying their way. “I think the presumption of the policy is that the county needs an additional means of collecting dollars to pay for capital improvements, which presumes that the existing tools that you have are not adequate,” said Frank Stoner of Milestone Partners. Stoner was among those who suggested Read More

A Stark Look at Urban Planning in Charlottesville and Albemarle


What do most people think about when they think about “Charlottesville”? The Downtown Mall? It's in the City. Monticello? That's in the County. So's the Rotunda. And John Paul Jones Arena. Know what doesn't get shared effectively or efficiently? Planning how to get from Darden Business School to the Downtown Mall. Absurd, right? Ever wonder about the differences in urban planning in Charlottesville and Albemarle? I've Read More