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Nest Realty in the Inc 5000


You may have seen the news yesterday that we at Nest were named one of the fastest growing private companies in Charlottesville.

Our rankings in Inc Magazines Annual Inc 5000 show:
• Overall, Nest Realty ranked 884th with 504% growth over the past three years  
• Top 5 in Charlottesville (#2)  
• Top 5 in National Real Estate Brokerages (#5)  
• Top 30 in National Real Estate (#27)  
• Top 50 in Virginia (#44)

But what does that mean to what really matters - our clients? As I noted yesterday on Google Plus - this notice is validation of sorts that our incessant client focus is working … and we still have a ways to go.

One of the things that has differentiated Nest from the beginning has been our focus on the client, innovation and implementing technology effectively for the benefit of the client.

We do not do things simply because we can. We do things because we can and they benefit our clients and that in turn benefits our business and our practice.

In short, we are building a brand that means something and resonates with our agents and our clients and the public.

So, humbly, thanks. Thanks for those who've supported us (and me) from the beginning. Thank you for keeping us moving forward, innovating and trying to be the best at what we do.
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2012 is in the Past – Looking Forward at the 2013 Charlottesville Market

YearEnd_2012_NestReport_CharlottesvilleMSA.pdf (page 3 of 9).jpg

1 - Inventory is low - (good for sellers, not so good for buyers)

2 - Interest rates remain low

3 - Prices (in many market segments) have stopped dropping, and are largely increasing.

4 - Sales volume is up across the board

5 - As always, do your own, supporting due diligence; your market will vary.

Click through to read the full Nest Report.
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Life in Old Trail Village in Crozet

See the full series of videos

If you’re interested in what it’s like to live in Old Trail Village, about 16 minutes west of Charlottesville … search for all the homes for sale in Old Trail here.

Continue reading...
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Beer and Wine in Charlottesville – The Nest Series Continues

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Life in Crozet – the Live Where you Love Series Continues

The series continues - At Nest, we have been slowly releasing our Live Where you Love video series … we have decidedly not overtly branded these as we intended these videos to be for you rather than explicit marketing for us.
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Innovation, Emulation and Flattery

We expect to be copied - on our signs, on how we market, on how we work with clients - and that, in and of itself, is a good thing. ... Heck, I and we copy other people as often as we can ... first mover is cool, but sometimes the real skills are recognizing emerging trends and technologies and then having the gumption, wherewithal and ability to implement said trends and technologies.
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On Confidence and Differentiation without Denigration

We're doing things differently - marketing, compensation models, consulting, information sharing ... a trusted friend and someone whom I respect made a comment to me yesterday which I felt compelled to address. ... From this time forward, the focus will be less on what we're doing differently and more on simply what we're doing .
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