Design and Context Matter

Few things make me think like TED talks.

I've shifted my morning routine a bit. Now while riding the bike at the gym, I'm watching TED talks - while getting my body healthier, I might as well stretch my mind as well.

This talk has so many highlights, but one that struck me was this -

"He didn't believe it was the end of print ... I remember attending an exhibition called 'Photography, the End of Painting;' and it wasn't at all." How Read More

What’s a Beme?

An interesting higher-level editorial piece in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, while not written with the real estate industry in mind, has some clear parallels - Marketing 3.0 is now the science of devising and managing directed business memes: call them bemes. Bemes are sent by members of social communities to each other and typically contain a reward or exclusive offer, which, when redeemed, also results in a reward coupon for the sender. Here's the thing - more Read More

Every Customer Counts

*Disclaimer - this is probably a tempest in a teapot, but it's a useful exercise in reputation management that directly influences business. Especially in this economy, every customer counts. A brief anatomy of how at least sixty people are less likely to eat at the Boathouse in Charlottesville (and I'm one of the sixty).
- Amanda ate at the Boathouse, and didn't like it. (She's telling at least 10 people with this Read More

Proof Twitter Works


Two of the best aspects of Twitter are the immediacy and the relationships that can be developed in 140 characters or less. For example: Earlier this week I noticed a splog was stealing the content of my blog - the entire thing. Fortunately, it was hosted on Google's Blogger service which happens to have a "flag" feature. One person flagging likely wouldn't have an impact; many people ... I asked my friends on Twitter to flag this Read More