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End of year Realtor stats

More detailed market statistics will be coming soon; I just wish our MLS had a more robust statistical engine, like those used on my favorite NoVa.  blog.Definition of a “side” – when an agent represents either the Purchaser or the Seller in a real estate transaction.873 Realtors in the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors had at least one “side” in 2005….  Two of the 10 are indicators of operators outside of the MLS (agents from other associations).  Exception: one agent had five sides, but averaged $11 million per transaction.  Nice.Between the two of us, Betty and me, we were a part of 57 sides!  Believe it or not, this profession requires a tremendous amount of work, dedication and time.  I still love what I do; how many people can say that?My reason for writing about this is to encourage the general public to do their due diligence when choosing to work with someone, in this or any other profession.  Volume is one indicator of success, trust and integrity are two of the others in my mind.In order to take our business to the next level, we are going to hire an assistant this year.

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Growth, sprawl, transportation and more

This month’s Rebellion is out.  I haven’t read it yet, but it touches on some pressing issues – transportation, growth, land use …  read it here.I said the essentially what he is saying below (with far less eloquence) the other day – From the standpoint of economic efficiency, transportation should be a “user pays” system.  Political and civic leaders should disabuse voters of the notion that roads and highways are a free good.  Someone must pay to build and maintain them.

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Ideas wanted

I am always looking for creative inspiration.  Now I ask the readers (all three of you) to email me your ideas for what you would like to see here.  Anything that you think might generate a good conversation, something that has not been discussed elsewhere or something that concerns you about the Central Virginia real estate market.  Hope to hear from you!

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