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A New Question for Sellers to Ask When Interviewing Listing Agents in Charlottesville

Meaning, will you be marketing my property not just in the Charlottesville are MLS (to other Realtors) and on the local Realtors’ Association site, as well as but – on every other Realtors’ site who has an IDX feed ( such as the one found here )- therefore substantially increasing traffic and exposure to my property? … There’s a lot happening the the acronym world about which we need to learn (NAR/DOJ/VOW/MLS/IDX/etc)

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The Toy Lift in Charlottesville

If you would like to donate a toy to the lift before Dec. 5th the early drop off locations are: Anytime Fitness – Crozet , CVaMP , Creative Press, Gold’s Gym , The Running Company, Seminole Total Health , Wilson School of Dance or you may email me for pick up service.

…– Kids Lift Foundation Toy Lift / Books Lift Kids PO Box 6762 Charlottesville, VA 22906 (434) 975-TOYS” * Even if I didn’t believe in the Toy Lift, I’d be writing about it – my wife is on their Board.

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Are You a Complete Moron?

Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, predicts that many homeowners who have little or no equity will stop paying their mortgage and then reduce their income to get the biggest payment cut possible. … Just like they encouraged people to overstate their income to get a bigger loan in the first place, now they will encourage them to understate their income to qualify for a smaller loan.”

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Experience Pays

Apparently it takes a few days for the swelling, discomfort – pain – to present itself, so I went to the doctor ( Northridge Internal Medicine at UVA ) Thanks to my wife’s insurance, I went to the doctor to get a service – consultation, x-ray, interpretation – that no one has any idea how much any of that costs. … In my required BS classes, I learned very little; however through my experiences – my mistakes, my successes, my near misses, I’ve learned an extraordinary amount of knowledge that is applicable to my business and to my clients.

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