Date Archives February 2009

No More Real Estate Signs in the Median?

Any such advertisements are illegal in the highway right of way and are the focus of this enforcement effort, which was initiated by the County Board of Supervisors to improve safety and aesthetics along entrance corridors like Route 29 and Route 250. … County staff are focusing on this illegal sign issue at the request of the Board of Supervisors, who are concerned about the traffic safety impacts of signs that distract drivers and block sight lines and who find the signs to be visual clutter than detracts from the appearance of the roadways.

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A Thought on Anonymous Comments

I can see the IP addresses of visitors and can track who’s saying what, but the readers can’t. (but there’s a plugin for that ) 🙂 ( see Waldo’s history with anonymous comments – particularly the cited cartoon , which gratefully, I’ve never had a problem with). So … rather than say “no anonymous comments,” here is my compromise request – Please pick a handle and stick with it – I don’t care what it is, just please be consistent.

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Undersestimating the Demand For Recycling?

Pat yourself on the back because you ensured that hazardous waste and materials used in electronics (the list is long and varied: cadmium, lead, mercury, flame retardants, PCB, PVC, glues) will go to its proper burial place or find new life. Crutchfield and their recycling provider will drive the e-tons (Can’t wait to get the numbers on this one) to New Jersey to be refurbished, repaired, or dismantled for reuse, and the rest; well, this Betty doesn’t want to think about that one.

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