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Charlottesville Neighborhood – Belmont

Contract today’s image of Belmont as a hot bed of urban hipsters living in gentrified Victorians walking and riding bikes to the Downtown Mall with this fascinating paper written in 1980 by James H….  Mr. Buck’s prediction came true:Belmont has, in the past, somewhat of a bad reputation, but critics need to take a new and closer look at this promising neighborhood of the future.Its proximity to the Downtown Mall is one of the driving forces behind its growth.  When selling a house on Hinton Avenue a couple of years ago, I was astonished to find that the tenant had no idea where my office is – on the busiest corridor in the area – because he never left the Belmont/Downtown Mall area….  Condos are the latest trend, with (LEED certified) green condos on the way, and new construction condos generally have not suffered the same drop off that condo conversions have.

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More Condos coming to Belmont – The Coal Tower Project

When following the links below, keep in mind two things: 1 – If you don’t own it, it’s going to change (one of the most common things I tell my buyer clients 2 – Growth and development moves interminably slowly; only journalists and lobbyists seem to be able to effectively track said progress.

… Plans call for a mixed-use project, with 64 townhouses (four above a parking structure), 118 condos, and a commercial segment that includes restaurants and retail on 2.77 acres of the site, Creasy says.

… The coal tower, a longtime landmark, is now becoming a focus of residents’ worries about connectivity, traffic and an altered skyline as it moves closer to redevelopment at the hand of Coran Capshaw.

… As an aside, cvillenews pointed out in 2006 how there was going to be a green condo construction project ,* which I noted in 2007 briefly in my Belmont neighborhood story .

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Charlottesville Neighborhoods – Martha Jefferson

The Martha Jefferson neighborhood, bordered by North Downtown, Woolen Mills and Belmont, is facing a significant transition – Martha Jefferson is leaving the neighborhood.  This neighborhood is a prime example of how quickly a neighborhood can change, and also why it is important for a buyer to do his or her own due diligence when shopping for a home.From the C’Ville Design Center’s excellent site:The Martha Jefferson Hospital is the major center of activity and employment in the plan area, which generates some related uses in the neighborhood, including a number of doctor’s offices….  Fairfax Taylor and his family lived in the neighborhood during the mid 19th Century.Homes’ ages range from the early 1900’s to the 1970’s with the odd new, in-fill home here and there.Garages/Basements: Finding a garage would be rare.  Finding a functional (clean, dry) basement – not so difficult, but your definition of functional may change from “livable” to “I could do laundry here.”Home prices and Architecture: the gamut.

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Charlottesville Neighborhoods – Fry’s Springs

The City’s “In our Backyard – Newsletter for our Neighborhoods” (PDF) has just been released, and it features Fry’s Spring, located very close to the University of Virginia, in the South/South West part of the City of Charlottesville….  From its springs to its streetcars, the neighborhood has contributed greatly to the character and integrity of our city….  While most properties contain single-family units, some homes have been converted to rental properties for students, due to the neighborhood’s proximity to the University.Centered around the Fry’s Spring Beach Club, the neighborhood is mature with something that is all-too rare in this day and age – trees.  Much of the Fry’s Spring area is in the Jackson Via elementary school district, which can be highlighted at the City’s decent school district map.Follow the Fry’s Spring neighborhood google group here.Read about some of the Fry’s Spring news at Charlottesville Tomorrow.You can read about all of the neighborhoods in the Neighborhood Series here.

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Charlottesville Neighborhood – Fifeville

One realtor tried to market the area north and south of West Main Street as “midtown,” though it hasn’t really caught on.The city calls the area south of West Main “Fifeville” after the Fife family, who once owned a farm in this area….  According to a UVA oral history of the area, Castle Hill was home to prominent African Americans and whites at the turn of the 20th century, until, in 1912, the city resolved that it should be illegal for whites and blacks to live next to each other and “the whites moved away.”This law was struck down by the Supreme Court a few years later….  Joe Mallory, an African American man who grew up nearby, had been buying and renovating houses near the intersection with the help of the Piedmont Housing Alliance in 2002.Mallory’s efforts, along with a police crackdown on prostitution, the success of the Downtown Mall, the growth of the University, low interest rates, etc. drew investors, speculators, and homebuyers in search of value to Castle Hill….  The neighborhood association has succeeded in stopping (for now) two proposed condo projects, one on Estes Street, near Walker Square and the other at the corner of Ridge and Cherry.Proximity to the Downtown Mall and the UVA Medical Center (for those of us who work there) is the main attraction of Castle Hill.

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