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Top 5 Questions Home buyers ask

.. And why Realtors can’t answer most of them.

Riffing off of the WSJ’s timely article this morning:

1- Are there kids in this neighborhood?

Look for balls, bikes and playground sets. Despite the fact that most families with kids want to live in neighborhoods with other kids, this is (per my training) deemed to be a Fair Housing Law violation.

2- How are the schools?

Greatschools and School Matters are good starting points, but nothing can replace actually visiting the schools and meeting the principals. We are all customers of the public school system.

3 – What type of people live here?

Many folks want to live with like-minded people, be they other families, medical residents, professors, young professionals, fellow retirees … I just won’t answer these questions. You want demographics without walking the neighborhoods and knocking on doors? Check out the Census’ Fact Finder.

4 – Is this area safe?

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