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Vacant Homes for Sale in Charlottesville and Albemarle – June 2010

In January of this year, I looked at the number of vacant homes for sale in Charlottesville and Albemarle . … 2 – Sometimes the sellers are more negotiable, basing their asking prices on what the house is worth rather than what they need to make. As with all homes for sale, there is no rule, consistent percentage to offer under asking price, rhyme nor reason to sellers’ motivations to sell or price.

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Consistently Vacant Homes in Charlottesville Homes for Sale

CNBC noted last week that vacant homes are having a national impact on the market, but this post is about the local market – Some of the consequences of vacant houses – potential identity theft , homeowner’s insurance rates going up (or being canceled) , snowball effect on neighborhoods , … localities’ budgets will likely be impacted by all the vacancies … If you’re a buyer looking at a vacant house, you may want to (get permission) and come in before the home inspection and spend some time flushing toilets, running water, running the dishwasher, washer/dryer, etc. – the snapshot provided by a short (although thorough) home inspection may not provide all the insight you need.

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Vacant Homes and Homeowners’ Insurance

As promised last week (and delayed), the following is written by David Jenkins, an insurance agent with Liberty Mutual in Charlottesville* . meant to answer the question raised when I was last on Charlottesville Right-Now with Coy Barefoot . … If the company is not notified, the policy could be cancelled if they find out, and a claim could be denied because of this as well.

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