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Friday Chart – Million Dollar Charlottesville Homes

Looking at the first 77 Days of the past six years … Just in Albemarle County, these are the number of homes with asking prices over one million dollars that have gone under contract in the first 77 days: In Charlottesville and Albemarle County: All told, the “million dollar” plus category has been a relatively small segment of the Charlottesville area real estate market, and from a high-level view seems to be relatively stable. More analysis to come … See all Friday Charts

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Albemarle County Wants Google’s Fiber!

Albemarle County, Charlottesville and the University of Virginia are putting in a joint application to bring Google Fiber for Communities to central Virginia, and we are looking for help from the community. … According to Google, “ In the same way that the transition from dial-up to broadband made possible the emergence of online video and countless other applications, ultra high-speed bandwidth will drive more innovation – in high-definition video, remote data storage, real-time multimedia collaboration, and others that we cannot yet imagine. … There are two ways to get involved:   First, Albemarle County, Charlottesville and the University of Virginia are jointly submitting a request to Google to be considered for this trial – you can help by filling in this brief survey to provide info that will be helpful in our submittal. formkey=dHdMd2hVVUwtbTQyNFVyYTFQaFFTcVE6MA Second, Google is accepting nominations from residents and community groups saying why Google Fiber should come to their area – visit the following link and make your best case for why we should be the selected region, Google has said that community support will be important in making their choice. Links to both of these items are posted on the county and city websites, and We need to submit our request by March 26, so we need survey responses and community nominations to be submitted by March 22.

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Albemarle County Budget – 2010 – Reductions all Around?

If you’re pressed for time or attention span, start with the Budget Summary (pdf) – that’s where I found this unfortunate nugget:

…One-time funding for this program in FY 10/11 could be available and considered for reappropriation if this program does not meet its anticipated demand in FY 09/10

Find the fat, suggest changes (the first public hearing in 3 March at 6pm at the Lane Auditorium at the Albemarle County Office Building ). This is a hard year for localities’ budgets – Charlottesville , Fluvanna , Greene , statewide (and nationwide ), and Albemarle County is no different. – There is a great discussion at cvillenews , with Jeff Uphoff getting his math on in the comments . – There’s a petition to “fully fund” Albemarle County Schools . – The Daily Progress details the discussions on how to cut teachers .

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What Matters to You when Relocating?

Inspired by a conversation at Roost’s Facebook page , my answer to the question was: Schools Parks Internet Accessibility – the Charlottesville/Albemarle region does not have 100% coverage. … Proximity to work Who the neighbors are – are they at similar “life-stages” to you? Churches if that matters Proximity to grocery stores & coffee shops Are there bike lanes? Property taxes School budgets, school test scores, percentage of kids on free/reduced lunches Walkability These are just some of the factors that my buyer clients have recently brought up.

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Please Google, Bring Fiber to Charlottesville

From now until March 26th, we’re asking interested municipalities to provide us with information about their communities through a Request for information (RFI), which we’ll use to determine where to build our network. More at the Wall Street Journal From TechCrunch : Google owns its own vast network of dark fiber around the globe to connect its data centers, speed up search, and lower its cost of streaming billions of videos a month on YouTube. … It is not clear what Google services will come with a broadband subscription, but it is a safe bet that Google will be the default search and Gmail will be the default email. … Charlottesville has been consistently rated as a top “Digital City” and while I think it’s a bit of a silly designation, why don’t we capitalize and leverage this?

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Nest’s Growth is Good

The move combines two of Charlottesville’s most successful real estate firms and expands the 1-year-old Nest Realty team to 14 full-time real estate professionals. It also paves the way for Nest to expand its services from a primary focus on residential real estate into commercial real estate and leasing. … … All agents must have a minimum of three years experience, practice real estate full-time and earn their Broker’s license shortly after joining the firm. With almost $4.7 million in sales per agent and 13.75 transactions per agent, Nest Realty agents more than doubled the production for the average Charlottesville Realtor in 2009.

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