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Transcript of Radio show – 27 December 2009

Moore : And as our initial caller seemed to be asking is: there seems to be or you would expect a much greater – the term punishment comes to mind although that’s not really what I’m trying to say – but a strategic default makes it sound like it’s all about how much money you have left in your pocket at the time rather than – where’s the punishment that goes with it for not paying it off. … When you make your money when you sell is when you buy, so you need to make sure you buy smart from day one and I do that by giving them as much data and analysis as possible so that they can come to these conclusions on their own and the second part of that is that I’ve prepped them that if they buy a house for $100,000 today that I expect it’s going to be worth a little bit less next year. … I think that there’s going to be more distressed properties coming on the market now in the Charlottesville and Albemarle area and I’m seeing that as far as the daily updates that I get as far as the number of notice of trustee sales in our market and I’m seeing more of the MLS’s coming on as foreclosures and I’m seeing more anecdotally, again there are two properties, one in Louisa and one in Albemarle last week that each had $100,000 price reductions. … What I’m hoping to see in the next couple of years is in addition to having homes and coffee shops, etc. is homes and places to work so that people won’t have to get into their cars to drive to work and I think that’s the very good thing from the perceptive of going back to the sociological change being close to your neighbors and being close to business as keeping everything local is another trend that we’re seeing develop over the past couple of years to 2010 and beyond.

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