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Stupid is as Stupid Does. Or, the Decline of Common Sense in Education

Rather than seeking to educate people – kids, teachers, parents – about the potential dangers of inappropriate student/teacher interaction, the Virginia Board of Education is seeking to prevent all non-official digital communication :

…Model policy for electronic communications with students • Teachers and other school board employees must restrict electronic communications with students to accounts, systems and platforms provided by the school division. … • School board policy on electronic communications with students also applies to teachers and other employees of virtual school programs and other vendors providing instructional services to students.

…Given the choice between having my clients feel like they are making good decisions, and having them actually make good decisions based on facts, analysis and common sense, I will choose common sense 8 days a week.

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Some City of Charlottesville Schools to be Consolidated

This should be interesting news to those considering relocating to the City of Charlottesville: Consolidating to have one middle school would also allow the division to combine its administrative offices and stop leasing city buildings for certain programs. … Preschool programs are located at the six elementary schools, but having one middle school will necessitate that preschoolers move into one location to have enough space for the fifth-graders.

…asked parent Kathryn Buzzoni, a Fluvanna County resident who has a kindergartener at Venable Elementary and was concerned that those costs could result in a cutback in other services.

I’m sure there are blogs in Charlottesville discussing this from the parents’ point of view, but I haven’t been able to locate them.

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Greene County Schools’ Growth

Harrisonburg City grew by an astounding 4.59%, but we outpaced Albemarle, Charlottesville, Louisa, Madison, Orange, Fluvanna, Rockingham, Staunton, and Nelson.

…I suppose that quite a bit of that growth can be attributed to NGIC/DIA as well as the fact that now that Greene has a Lowe’s and Super Wal-Mart people are more inclined to stay in Greene rather than always have to go to Charlottesville. Also, I’d bet that that Hollymead Town Center – Harris Teeter and Target – derives a fair amount of their traffic from southern Greene County.

…If you want a small farm to keep a pony for the kids or a nice vegetable garden, going north may be the answer.

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Don’t Call it 4 x 4 – Albemarle County’s Semesterization Experiment

I have talked to quite a few parents and high schoolers about their perceptions and reactions to the block scheduling, and thought it would be useful to ask the opinion of Champion Tutoring for their perspective, and I received this gracious response : Thanks for asking.  … I have been asked before to comment on the block schedule “from a Realtor’s perspective” and here is my comment: From my point of view, the teachers are overworked and not able to teach effectively. … From our personal experience, we are extremely reluctant to miss a day of school, as there is very little chance of ever recapturing what was taught on that day – there is too much information and too little time at school. … Crozet Gazette – Parents Revolt Against WAHS (Western Albemarle High School) 4×4 Schedule Carmen Garcia, the mother of one student at Western and two at Henley (where she serves as PTO vice president), said she called former School Board member Brian Wheeler about the schedule policy change last spring.

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Dear Albemarle County Schools: Why Not Accept Online Payments?

Pay to Play: One of the budgetary changes enacted this school year in Albemarle County schools is the “student activity fee” –

…The Athletic Fee Letter recently distributed to Western Albemarle High School parents notes the ways to make payments … bring the check or mail the check. … FALL COLLECTION NIGHTS Friday, August 13 (Football Scrimmage); 6:00 -7:00 at WAHS Stadium Wednesday, August 18 (Fall Sports Parents Meeting); 6:30 -8:00 at WAHS Cafeteria Thursday, August 19 (Open House); 6:30-7:30 at WAHS Cafeteria 2. Bring or mail directly to Western Albemarle Athletic Department: Western Albemarle High School Athletic Department 5941 Rockfish Gap turnpike Crozet, VA 22932

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School Values and Housing Prices – Specifically in Albemarle County

In an effort to get my head around the numbers, I have prepared the attached spreadsheet which evaluates (to the best of my ability with the data available) , the impact of the different budget scenarios and what different property tax rate increases necessary to close the funding gap.

…At this point in the process, I don’t like trying to address a budget challenge by manipulating the tax rate, but I think the public deserves some factual information about the different scenarios and how that might impact their personal pocketbooks.

ɉۢ In the best case state funding scenario , a property tax rate of 81.9 cents would balance the budget and increase ANNUAL tax payments by $146.19 for the median priced home when compared to 2009.

…1 However, the strength of the consensus is puzzling, given the formidable empirical challenges facing any homeowner or empirical researcher seeking to answer the question carefully.2 First, good schools usually come bundled with other neighborhood qualities– such as proximity to employment, shopping and recreational conveniences and neighborhood peers.

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