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Putting Charlottesville Real Estate Information in Context

Transcription : Hey, Jim Duncan with RealCentralVA and Nest Realty here in Charlottesville, Virginia thinking about a common theme that I’ve heard from my new prospective clients recently and it’s a feeling of overwhelmed . A lot of people are overwhelmed with the amount of information that’s out there about the real estate process whether it’s buying a home, selling a home, looking for a home, just getting started . … Personally I read or skim 200 some local Charlottesville blogs and 150 real estate blogs and between ten and 20 economics blogs on a daily or every other day basis so I have become accustomed to processing this type of information in a rapid and hopefully effective way. … It’s something I think I’m pretty good at, I enjoy, and I’m really passionate about educating people, but I always like the opportunity to learn from my buyer clients what they’re reading and what question they have because there’s new information every day and I’m always looking to learn.

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