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Representation isn’t free

Jonathan’s chronicle of getting burned by a buyer client of his (as well as on AG) is worth reading – for both Buyers and Realtors.Realtors have created this situation for themselves, and Dingo’s comment on this thread about ZipRealty on BHB highlighted a simple problem – most buyers have no idea what Buyers’ Agents do.From a buyers point of view, we could not care less about the running of the organization….  Driving, negotiating, assessing, knowing what questions to ask, know when to ask, knowing zoning, political influences, legalities, contingencies, and on and on and on. There is no substitute for experience.Buyers have been told that a buyer’s agent’s services are “free” because the “seller pays.”…  (more on this in a post later today)If you are searching for a Buyer’s Agent, please start here -Being Selective, or how does Buyer Agency/Buyer Brokerage/ Exclusive Buyer Representation benefit the agent and the the Buyer?Rolling the Dice with BuyersWhat exactly is a Buyer-Broker?Here are a few questions to ask your prospective representative.  I take what I do seriously, and put my clients’ best interests ahead of mine (and sometimes my family’s).If you’re a Realtor who chooses not to use Buyers’ Agency agreements – why not?Update 4 December 2007: Athol posts a great suggestion that the NAR could/should be marketing exactly what Buyers’ Agents do.

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