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Rumors of Albemarle Place’s demise are greatly exaggerated

Following up on the great discussion at Cvillenews about the rumors of the demise of Albemarle Place …If it were to become a park, there isn’t much surrounding residential density from which to draw pedestrian traffic.View Larger MapDoes that look pedestrian-friendly to you?Online, the location looks ideal for “walkability” – 74 out of 100, even. That is, until you actually drive here and see that in crossing Emmet Street one is literally taking one’s life into one’s hands. Rumors were out as early as June (and probably earlier) that Whole Foods was moving to the K-mart shopping center, but the Daily Progress has an informative article this morning on the status of Albemarle Place saying that things are moving along quite well, thank you. Also, don’t miss the debate about next week’s BoS election there as well.

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