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Three thousand square feet

That could be the threshold after which homeowners start to lose their mortgage interest deductibility….  Dingell’s bill would:Phase out the mortgage interest deduction on large homes.  These homes have contributed to increased sprawl and longer commutes.  Despite new homes in and of themselves being more energy efficient, the sheer size, sprawl and commutes lead to dramatically more energy use – or to put it more simply, a larger carbon footprint.He has a point.Specifically, the proposal:Phases out the mortgage interest on primary mortgages on houses over 3000 square feet.Exemptions for historical homes (prior to 1900) and farm houses.Exemptions for home owners who purchase carbon offsets to make home carbon neutral or own homes that are certified carbon neutral.An owner would receive:- 85% of the mortgage interest deduction for homes 3000-3199 square feet- 70% for homes 3200-3399 square feet- 55% for homes 3400-3599 square feet- 40% for homes 3600-3799 square feet- 25% for homes 3800-3999 square feet- 10% for homes 4000-4199 square feet- 0 for homes 4200 square feet and upFor a summary of the bill, go here.Hmmm3,964 single family homes have sold in the region* since 1 January 2006.

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