Selling a Home

5 Things to Do NOW If You’re Putting your House on the Market in the Spring

1 – Take pictures now.

2 – Start conserving energy and water. “How much does it cost to operate this home”? is one of the most common questions buyers are asking now.

3 – Do those things now that you’ve been meaning to do since you moved in. You know: caulking around the windows, replacing that screen, putting that threshold back … you know the list.

4 – Start going to open houses. Look at comparable homes. Ask a good Realtor for advice. You might think this home is a comp, but really, it’s not because of all

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Protecting Clients – Good Realtors are Buffers

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Showing Homes in Charlottesville

I’ve been showing a lot of houses lately. A lot of houses. (and writing an offer here and there as well). This past weekend was a “Chamber of Commerce” weekend – beautiful weather, not much traffic, lots of houses to see … These are a few of the observations from showing about twenty houses over the past few days …

1 – The dead, decaying rabbit in the basement probably didn’t help my clients’ overall impression of the house.

2 – It’s far better to ride with me than try to caravan. Sudden turns (and the occasional U-turn) are easier

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Sellers, Don’t Have Stinky Houses

Sellers – try to avoid pungent odors (unless you’ve baked chocolate chip cookies – I love cookies) – smells matter.

Hey, Jim Duncan with Nest Realty and here.

I’ve been showing a lot of houses in Charlottesville recently and one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of houses stink. I don’t mean their condition or the quality of construction, I mean their houses stink. The “dog” house, the “smoke” house, the “moldy” house, the “Renuzit air freshener in every room” house.

Recently the California Scents, the cherry coronado house. It was God awful and that’s

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More and Better Pictures, Please

I received this note last week:

Can I just complain about the horrible photos on the Cville MLS? There is a listing with 25 photos and 11 of them are of the kitchen. This house has 3 bedrooms, and there are NO photos of any of them. Am I expected to sleep in the refrigerator? I think it is time for a photo article again. There are some repeat offenders out there. Help them Jim. Help them.”

And then a Realtor friend (and remarkable photographer) posted this:

Photos so bad, you'd think a Realtor took 'em

One would think that taking quality photos for marketing a home

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Times have Changed – Telling a Story

PR has changed; so has real estate marketing. A simple sign in the yard, an ad in the weekly paper … none of this is new to buyers, but it seems to take time to make its way to the full

Print advertising doesn’t work to sell homes. Advertising real estate in print accomplishes two things:

1 – Placates a seller who wants to see their house in print because they want tangible evidence that their Realtor is doing something. I’m all for satisfying clients, but I’d rather not be condescending to them, and that’s just what I believe advertising

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