Charlottesville Areas Market Reports to Start 2020

Super-quick takeaways Good inventory is low New construction is good, and reasonably expensive We need more skilled labor to build houses Prices are up, mostly. Do your due diligence. Some houses are going super-fast, some are not The real estate market in Charlottesville and Albemarle in 2019 was great for some, good for some, and less than expected for others. Pay attention to the real...

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Monthly Note Archives | Compassionate Long Caustic Jacket | November 2019

Archives of my subscription-only monthly notes. This is for November 2019.  The blog is more searchable. Interested in not waiting a few months to read it? Subscribe here.   For these posts, I don’t do much formatting/changing as I’m more concerned about simply having the content here forever (because I own the blog, and I don’t own Tinyletter).   

The Recession is Good for Communities

I wrote this in 2009 at the former Agent Genius, now The Agent Genius; the audience then was other real estate professionals, but it's very relevant to consumers. Balance and stability – those are the new buzzwords for buyers. Really. In the long run, communities will benefit. Communities will be able to grow organically – many are already seeing this shift . Rather than focusing on...

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