Monthly Note Archives | Compassionate Long Caustic Jacket | November 2019

Archives of my subscription-only monthly notes. This is for November 2019.  The blog is more searchable. Interested in not waiting a few months to read it? Subscribe here.   For these posts, I don’t do much formatting/changing as I’m more concerned about simply having the content here forever (because I own the blog, and I don’t own Tinyletter).   

The Recession is Good for Communities

I wrote this in 2009 at the former Agent Genius, now The Agent Genius; the audience then was other real estate professionals, but it's very relevant to consumers. Balance and stability – those are the new buzzwords for buyers. Really. In the long run, communities will benefit. Communities will be able to grow organically – many are already seeing this shift . Rather than focusing on...

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RealPodVA – A Conversation with Allison Wrabel with the Daily Progress

This is one of my favorite conversations so far. Lots of links below. Allison Wrabel with Charlottesville's Daily Progress is a remarkable asset to our community. Listen to the podcast here. Local journalists matter because they pay attention to and catch the little things, and connect the dots, for the things that become bigger things. Show Notes The transcription below has more links than most...

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Working with Hands, and the Future of Real Estate

If you've not yet subscribed to Nest Realty's podcast, Sweat the Details, I'm comfortable saying you're missing out. We just put out our 18th episode, with Jessica Lautz with the NAR, and it's darn good. What follows is a response from a client to the previous one, with Danushka Nanayakkara from the National Association of Homebuilders.   If you ever have feedback, comments, etc that...

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RealPodVA – Market Update with Greg | October 2019

It's October 2019. What is the Charlottesville - Albemarle real estate market doing right now? Is the Charlottesville market slowing? We'll know in 18 months what today's market is doing. Greg speaks in depth about the Charlottesville new construction market The value of slowing the client down Seeing beyond the online filter; knowing what your buyers should consider. Which builder is #5 in volume in...

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