Sell your Charlottesville Home

Selling your home in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Crozet, Fluvanna, Greene … every house is different, and each one needs to be marketed as aggressively and effectively as possible.

Marketing and selling a home can sometimes be a difficult, even traumatic, experience. My goal is to help you identify and alleviate those stressors, if at all possible.

Contact me for a Market Analysis for your home.

The Process simplified:

– Assessing the current market value
Sold Comps matter less
– Preparing the home for the market
– Negotiating with buyers (having
– It’s not always about price.
– Negotiating the home inspection- this is an entirely separate round of negotiations.
– Closing – choosing the right attorney or closing company is crucial.

We’re assembling a team to represent you, whether that is the cleaning company, the painter, the contractor, the gutter guys, the radon mitigation specialist, the attorney – all of these cogs must fit together in order for a successful transaction to be accomplished.

One of the most important components of my job is to advise my seller clients in a constructive, non-emotional way about how to get their homes sold.

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