Buying a home in the Charlottesville, Virginia region? There’s a lot to think and talk about – where are your triangles? What is your timeframe?  This is a survey I use to help buyers better understand what they’re looking for, which in turn helps me better guide and advise.

Questions? Want to set an appointment (I’ve found meeting for coffee is often a great first step) to see if we would be a good fit to work together? Contact me for representation in buying a home in Charlottesville. (or call … 434-242-7140)

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30+ Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Tips for First Time Home Buyers (in Charlottesville)

I’m moving to Charlottesville … should I rent first? (YES)

What are some questions home buyers should be asking?

You’re Going about It all Wrong – Or How to Search for Homes in Charlottesville (Without a Realtor)

Look at some of the homes for sale in a few of the Charlottesville Neighborhoods

Homebuyers in Charlottesville: Please Work with Charlottesville Lenders. Here’s Why

How do I know I’m Getting the Best Deal (on a loan)

Two of the Charlottesville lenders I recommend.

Once you’ve bought that home … Tips for a New Homeowner in Charlottesville

No Dual Agency

Dual Agency – Who Benefits? (the Realtor)

Thoughts on Dual Agency

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