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What’s Next in Real Estate Technology?

This stuff fascinates me because it make for a better search experience for consumers and will eventually trickle its way to the Charlottesville market. (and Nest released a new version of our search , and my Charlottesville home search just got faster) - Lifestyle search - I want to find and live in a neighborhood with other people around my life stage - with kids, near a park, 20 minutes to one spouse's work, walk to a coffee shop and a library, ride a bike to the other spouse's work, close to a Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods, with utilities that are below average in a well-built house, priced lower than the assessed value that is oriented to allow for solar panels, with high speed access, close to the Downtown Mall on a cul-de-sac. - More content creation for and by real estate people - across the spectrum - Geo. ...I want to know what's happening in the real estate market - what people are searching for, what they're buying, how many foreclosures are out there, how many people are buying houses with ceramic tile, how many with gray-water systems, how many off-the-grid and more. ...For example: if I put a video up of a property I'm marketing and use my primary youtube account (the easiest way to upload and share video) I can be and will be flagged for "branding" because the consumer can find me via youtube. - MLS - other websites can resize photos. ... There is no excuse. - Part One - Real Estate Technology I wanted Five Years Ago is Finally Here - Interactive Floorplans - Part Two - Real Estate Technology I wanted Five Years Ago is Finally Here - Real Estate Video - Part Three - Real Estate Technology I wanted Five Years Ago is Finally Here - Paperless Transactions . - Prologue - What's Next?
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Real Estate Technology I wanted Five Years Ago is Finally Here – Part 1 – Floorplans

When we were meeting a few weeks ago, they were looking at the faxes I used to send them, discussing the websites I used to put up for them - photos of neighborhoods, areas, houses, etc. and we were talking about how things have changed and evolved since then. ...I work with a lot of international and out-of-state buyers who are relocating to the Charlottesville area; I am constantly seeking out tools that will enable me to help facilitate our relationships and transactions. ... I can't tell you how many Interactive Floorplans: For years, I've wanted to have an interactive floorplan that showed the floorplan and pictures of the rooms at the same time . ... This is a link to a floorplan , and I'm embedding it after the jump. (provided by Floorplan Online ; here's a nice review of them ) This is a dead-simple implementation of something I've wanted for years, and I'm thrilled to offer it.
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