We do not need studies. We need action. We need a plan.

Says Bryan McKenzie today. *another Daily Progress broken link

There are some serious concerns our community needs to address and not just with another study and another consultant but with real, shirt-sleeves up, kick butt and take down names attitude.

Meadowcreek Parkway
Eastern Connector

Map Of Central Virginia-2

These affect all residents of Central Virginia. Not just the City. Not just the County. Not just University of Virginia. The entire Central Virginia region.
Outstanding discussion on the 3-3 vote against the rural preservation measures in Albemarle.

That’s enough of my shilling for Charlottesville Tomorrow. If we don’t work together as a community and a region, we might not like where we live in thirty years. Charlottesville is and has been a great place to live. Study after study after study has proven that. We need to move beyond politics and interminable studies and move forward. Somehow.

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  1. JoshC October 12, 2007 at 15:53

    Virginia Postrel has a quite interesting article in the November issue of the Atlantic Monthly on how trends in land use planning, and the associated movement in real estate prices, are creating cultural self-segregation across regions.

    The focus of the article is national, but the actions of individual municipal and state government planning commissions build these national trends, so I think it’s quite relevant to take this into account when we consider our local plans. It’s not only what kind of infrastructure and buildings we will build; it’s what kind of cost structure this will create, and thus what kind of population this future region will attract.

  2. Jim Duncan October 14, 2007 at 22:53

    Josh –

    Thanks so much for the comment and the link. That’s a great article. I finally got to read the article this evening and will try to have a post on it this week.