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Albemarle County Assessment Figures Released

Virginia, unlike some other states, by Statute requires localities to assess property at 100% of fair market value, based on an objective analysis of the property’s fair market value, independent of any influence on the part of the County or the County Board of Supervisors. … The average annual reassessment changes for the magisterial districts are as follows: Rio -2.25% Jack Jouett -4.30% Rivanna -2.12% Samuel Miller -3.65 % Scottsville -4.13 % White Hall -3.19 % Town of Scottsville -1.89 % The new assessments will be reflected in the real estate bills which will be mailed in late April, 2010. County officials recommend that anyone who would like more information or who wishes to appeal their assessment to contact the Office of the Assessor in the Finance Department at (434) 296-5856. … If a property owner does not receive satisfaction with this step, further appeal may be directed to the Board of Equalization, which is comprised of Albemarle County citizens who have completed training by the Virginia Department of Taxation and who meet on a regular basis.

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Attorney or Title Company for Closing in Charlottesville?

In Charlottesville, we are still a small town and in my opinion, if something does come up at the closing table, which does happen occasionally, it’s better for the buyer to have an attorney who can provide legal representation and advice. … They do the paperwork and there are some in town that are very very good and I’ve used frequently, but I think that when a buyer is going to closing, they’re also buying the relationship that that attorney has with the other attorneys around town. … The arguments are (and I’ll link to this if you find this on it will be linked at the bottom of the post) – one of my partners wrote a story about specifically whether the attorneys are in fact more expensive than the closing companies. … Here is the last thing I’ll say: I look for worst case scenarios in almost everything I do and try to find a happy medium and the worst case scenario is this and this happened last year: go to closing, at the closing table something goes wrong and you, the buyer, have a closing company, they can’t give legal advice .

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Useful Unemployment Map

This is a useful Unemployment Map for Charlottesville and Albemarle – Click through to the Washington Post for the interactive version . I suspect that the region’s unemployment and underemployment rates are higher than indicated. For a real scare, click the “autoplay changes” button Unemployment Map for Charlottesville and Albemarle - Thanks to the Washington Post

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Putting Charlottesville Real Estate Information in Context

Transcription : Hey, Jim Duncan with RealCentralVA and Nest Realty here in Charlottesville, Virginia thinking about a common theme that I’ve heard from my new prospective clients recently and it’s a feeling of overwhelmed . A lot of people are overwhelmed with the amount of information that’s out there about the real estate process whether it’s buying a home, selling a home, looking for a home, just getting started . … Personally I read or skim 200 some local Charlottesville blogs and 150 real estate blogs and between ten and 20 economics blogs on a daily or every other day basis so I have become accustomed to processing this type of information in a rapid and hopefully effective way. … It’s something I think I’m pretty good at, I enjoy, and I’m really passionate about educating people, but I always like the opportunity to learn from my buyer clients what they’re reading and what question they have because there’s new information every day and I’m always looking to learn.

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I love Diverse Solutions

The product allows agents and brokers using WordPress to get property listings on their own website and own domain to be indexed by the major search engines. dsIDXpress is different than traditional IDX solutions in that it has both the standard consumer search capabilities as well as the ability to insert specific listings or groups of listings into any page or blog post with their Live Listings(sm) shortcodes. … With the National Association of Realtors recently adopting changes allowing for search engines to index property listings on an agent’s or broker’s website, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. … When asked about the new product, Justin LaJoie, CEO of Diverse Solutions, said, “Since WordPress is quickly becoming the platform of choice for real estate websites, it only made sense that we develop a WordPress IDX plugin that provides the functionality that the industry has been asking for.” … Live Listings(sm) allows agents and brokers to create the perfect city, community, or zip-specific pages with listings that are updated in real time for that area. dsIDXpress also include a number of WordPress IDX widgets, including their search and mapping widgets.

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C-Ville looks at NGIC and DIA

In just over 4,000 words, he provides one of the best, most insightful analyses I’ve read. ( and gets a few swipes in at the DP) But military intelligence isn’t likely to improve our quality of life in the way UVA does. … With the DIA relocation, some people will clearly win: a few locals who successfully switch careers; qualified UVA students who want to stick around after graduation; engineers and analysts who want to resettle near an idyllic college town; the UVA research park and University employees who teach classes needed for military intelligence; developers with land near NGIC—most especially Wendell Wood and his heirs, who stand to keep selling land to the U.S. government as long as Rivanna Station keeps needing it.

…But understand that obtaining a new clearance, probably higher than TS, for most of the professional jobs at NGIC will be a long process (12 to 18 months), and site security policy may not allow personnel into the building until a clearance is finally granted.

In that case, two issues apply. #1, even if it takes 2-4 months and several thousand dollars to relocate, a pre-cleared person from DC or straight out of the uniformed services can come on much faster than Sara’s fresh, uncleared UVa graduate. #2, assuming that fresh, uncleared Hoo gets hired, what’s s/he going to do for the next 12-18 months while awaiting clearance?

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