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See Charlottesville Differently Than Ever Before – Via Qwiki

Qwiki fascinates me, not only because it says “Monti- s ello”, and I’ve been playing with it for the past few weeks since it was in alpha. Now it’s open to the public and I can embed it here (finally!).

… Astonishingly, Qwiki picks up that the City of Charlottesville and County of Albemarle are separate entities , something that takes quite some time to realize for newcomers.

…Did you know that Albemarle has 4 square miles of water?

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Redfields Neighborhood Growing?

This is as good a time as any to remind people that if you don’t own that open space over there it’s liable to eventually become something you don’t like .

… Local developer Gaylon Beights has petitioned the county to allow him to develop a 58-acre site as a new phase of Redfields. Some neighbors say they were promised that the land, located in Albemarle’s rural area, would be preserved as open space and they want the county to put the brakes on the planning for the 138-home rezoning. … Virginia is a caveat emptor state, which means that the onus of responsibility is ultimately on the buyer to do his or her due diligence when investigating a property.

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