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Small builders in a large-scale bureaucracy

Wyant said proffers from Wickham Pond could go toward infrastructure, such as the proposed eastern connector, and Supervisor Sally H.  Thomas said such a development could limit growth in the rural areas.Excellent point, and one on which I have been masticating for some time.  NYTimes:In recent years, the difficulty of getting things built has made business harder for small, local builders and easier for big companies, with their greater resources, to gain control of the housing market.  “The large builders have taken the position: we’re just going to fight,” Chris Mayer, a housing economist at Columbia University’s business school, says.  ” ‘We have lawyers, we have experts, we have money, we’re going to buy these tracts of land and fight it out’ ” – that, according to Mayer, is their position….  But the local builder who used to have the benefit of knowing the local people – that has become far less important than the ability of the big builders to fight the current regulatory environment.”  As Mayer points out, virtually every state in the country now has policies to restrain developers.  No matter the region, he says, the small developer is at a tremendous disadvantage.Ryan Homes are already here.

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