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Real Estate Prices and Interest Rates – National Real Estate News I’m Reading this Morning

Home prices seem to be rising in the Charlottesville MLS – keep in mind with this chart that it’s for the entire Charlottesville MLS.

Moving Median - Charlottesville MSA.jpg

Interest rates are rising, but let’s keep some perspective.


(thanks to Keith for the chart)

Here’s the thing – if you’re buying a home and you are confident you’ll be there for at least five to seven years (many of my clients now are looking at 15-20 year timelines), be aware of the potential for price drops, but also focus on what your total cost of ownership will be versus renting.

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Did you Know? About Terremark in Culpeper

Culpeper’s Terremark campus just doubled in size, thanks to a recent acquisition of 27 acres adjacent to its sprawling facility — known as the Network Access Point of the Capital Region — just southeast of town on Technology Drive. The global IT infrastructure provider announced Wednesday that it spent $5 million on the deal, adding room for another 250,000 square feet of datacenter space and nearly 100,000 square feet of office space. Terremark in Culpeper, Courtesy of Terremark in Culpeper, Courtesy of If this expansion continues (and I’m just a layman here): The NAP of the Capital Region is the lynchpin of Terremark’s push to capture additional market share in the market for ultra-secure government hosting. … Terremark recently unveiled a 72,000-square-foot headquarters building that features a 150-seat auditorium built to the federal government’s Physical Security Standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) and approximately 50,000 square feet of Class A office space that can be built to SCIF specifications in order to meet customer demands. … The fact that the brand-spanking-new commuter rail ” actually stands a chance of turning a profit ” makes this thought not entirely nutty. … until the businesses that are now locating in Reston and Herndon start choosing Culpepper (sic) instead, C’ville won’t be a bedroom town of the NY-PHILLY-BALT-WASH megalopolis… Now what might that do to real estate values in the Charlottesville region?

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