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Albemarle County property assessments are out

Witness today’s Daily Progress article; getting ahead of the curve is valuable.The average reassessment increases or decreases, by magisterial district, are:- Rio: .81 percent- Jack Jouett: .43 percent- Rivanna: .57 percent- Samuel Miller: minus 1.18 percent- Scottsville: 1.4 percent- White Hall: minus .79 percent- Town of Scottsville: minus .46 percent.The County’s website has not yet been updated, but hopefully will be shortly.Contrast the above numbers with last year’s assessments -The average annual increases for specific magisterial districts are as follows (biennial increases are in parenthesis):- Rio 13.57 % (27.14 %)- Jack Jouett 11.27 % (22.54 %)- Rivanna 14.98 % (29.96 %)- Samuel Miller 15.64 % (31.28 %)- Scottsville 15.54 % (31.08 %)- White Hall 16.72 % (33.44 %)- Town of Scottsville 15.93 % (31.87 %)Get caught up on assessments with this story from last week, this one from two weeks ago (with my offer to homeowners for help contesting assessments)….  Visit Brian’s excellent school board blog for the context of this quote:So, depending on how you look at it, the school system is 45%, 47%, or 61% (adding debt, capital, self-sustaining) of the County budget and property taxes contribute either 62% or 45%.I’d argue that we’re all adjusting to the new economy – meaning working with less money….  As a first step, property owners are encouraged to contact the appraiser responsible for the appraisal, and owners have until the last business day of February to appeal their reassessment to the Assessor’s Office.  If satisfaction is not achieved, a second option is available to owners through an appeal to the Board of Equalization, which is comprised of Albemarle citizens who have completed instructional training from the Department of Taxation.

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