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Are Libertarians gaining traction in Central Virginia?

Based on the recent press for Arin Sime, perhaps so, including this editorial from the Daily Progress -The most honest, positive and straightforward political ads this season, with issues and positions spelled out in plain English, without highly selective, emotional attacks, appear to be those of Libertarians….The ads can be seen as honest and positive “because it’s 100 percent ideology,” Saxman said….  Most localities will make a small cut in the tax rate, yet due to the rising assessments, you are still paying significantly more in taxes!Setting the local tax rate is the prerogative of your local government….  If your local government feels they need more money than that, they will have to be more open in their desire and raise your tax rate, instead of claiming they are cutting the tax rate even though your tax bill is going up.  This is an interesting and related post from the Real Estate Bloggers – Taxes and real estate – how do they affect each other?Cvillepodcast has more with Bob Gibson.Rick SincereThe benefits of embracing transparency are huge.

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