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Blog Action Day 2007 – My 2 cents

This post by Seth Godin helped clarify the argument for me with his “times a million” post.If we figure that the average driver in the US does 20,000 miles a year, I’m going to use about 400 gallons of gas….  A year.He’s not necessarily making an argument for change, but for considering one’s actions, and the context of one’s actions.There are many simple, little things that you can do to make an impact….  Read: how much will I save if I do this?1 – Mark your calendar for the next Green Matters workshop on 14 November where the focus will be on “explor(ing) green building materials, home furnishings, and cleaning supplies you can use to make your home and environment healthier.”2 – Read Dave’s blog3 – Move to places where you can “get to stuff” without getting into your car every single time you need to get a gallon of milk or go to soccer practice.  Or, work to “get stuff” closer to where you are.4 – Put your preconceptions aside; read (for your feed reader – here’s some of the “green” blogs I read)5 – Consider your actions, think differently, do the little things like using reusable bags (they hold more groceries, stand up like paper bags and have handles!)

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