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Talking About the Charlottesville Real Estate Market – WNRN 9 January

This Sunday – An hour of talking about the local real estate market with host Rick Moore and Matt Hodges of Presidential Mortgage. I used to be overwhelmed at the prospect of talking on live radio for an hour; now it almost feels like it’s three hours too short. … Tune into WNRN radio at 11 am EST this Sunday. … A brief outline of what we may talk about: – Where we are – Where we may be going – Trends in the Charlottesville real estate market – Realtor production/competence – Legislation that may be affecting the real estate market – Foreclosures and short sales – Title insurance issues – Interest rates’ impact on the Central Virginia real estate market One of the most daunting parts of an hour of radio is the required prep work that must be done; it’s also one of the most exciting and rewarding part – prepping for at least three-four hours will absolutely, positively ensure that I know more about the local market and will be better able to represent and inform my clients.

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