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Pick up this week’s C-Ville – Living as a Charlottesville Local

(#10) If you’re in town, pick it up for their “Summer in Charlottesville” insert; I think it’s quite excellent. If you’re not, let me know and I’ll scrounge up a copy for you. … One or the other. 🙂 ( #15 ) While you’re there, feel free to vote for yours truly as “best real estate agent” in Charlottesville . ** why the asterisks? Because when folks refer to “Charlottesville” they typically are referring to “the Charlottesville area” – meaning Charlottesville and Albemarle, and often Nelson, sometimes Greene, frequently Fluvanna and sometimes Louisa.

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Charlottesville and Albemarle Governments Clash. Again.

For anyone interested in a prime example of the City of Charlottesville’s and County of Albemarle’s occasionally dysfunctional relationship, Rachana Dixit and Brandon Shulleeta have great story in today’s Daily Progress . … The clash over money between Charlottesville and Albemarle County is turning into a political civil war, with warnings that each step from here will undermine collaborations that would cut expenses and instead possibly cost taxpayers big bucks down the road.

…Many county officials say it’s unfair that a state formula that determines education funding for localities — based largely on localities’ wealth — fails to account for the revenue-sharing agreement. Bell’s amendment proposal would count the money Albemarle pays Charlottesville toward the city’s wealth instead of the county’s wealth — which would increase state education funding for Albemarle in fiscal 2012 by $2.6 million and decrease Charlottesville’s state education funding by that same amount. …

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Thank you Charlottesville Media – Snowpocalypse

Thank you to: CBS19 – Twitter NBC29 – Twitter If you’re looking for closings, the above two are probably the best places to go. Daily Progress – Twitter . The HooK – Twitter C-Ville cvillenews – Twitter VDOT – – Traffic cameras of interstates and other roads I assume WINA radio was on top of their game too, but I don’t listen to radio at home.

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