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More Condos coming to Belmont – The Coal Tower Project

When following the links below, keep in mind two things: 1 – If you don’t own it, it’s going to change (one of the most common things I tell my buyer clients 2 – Growth and development moves interminably slowly; only journalists and lobbyists seem to be able to effectively track said progress.

… Plans call for a mixed-use project, with 64 townhouses (four above a parking structure), 118 condos, and a commercial segment that includes restaurants and retail on 2.77 acres of the site, Creasy says.

… The coal tower, a longtime landmark, is now becoming a focus of residents’ worries about connectivity, traffic and an altered skyline as it moves closer to redevelopment at the hand of Coran Capshaw.

… As an aside, cvillenews pointed out in 2006 how there was going to be a green condo construction project ,* which I noted in 2007 briefly in my Belmont neighborhood story .

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