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Renovating an Historic Home? The Commonwealth of Virginia wants to Give you Money.

Frankly, as an architect who has specialized in building rehabilitation, renovation, restoration, and repair for nigh on 22 years, I share a sentiment that pervades the historic preservation community, including the staff at the Commonwealth Department of Historic Resources: This is free money.

…The house must be a) listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register or b) a “contributing structure” to a Virginia Landmarks Register District or c) judged “register eligible.” … If Landmark District designation is officially pending, and your house is listed as contributing to that District, you may proceed with your rehabilitation project. … Oh, if, at any point during this process, you cannot resist the urge to paint your house lime green, or international orange, or white with red polka dots, there’s no rule or regulation or tax credit standard that will stop you from doing so.

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