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Community Forum on Lending – Why do African Americans pay more in Central Virginia? Part 2 of 4

Peggy Deane, VP of Mortgage Services at UVA Community Credit Union and Member Options, LLC (plus CVaMP’s secretary) suggested, correctly I believe, that we have an awareness problem, that community programs are needed and an informed borrower is a powerful borrower….  Valid point and that should be presented to a client, but a potential home buyer should make that decision, not the loan officer.Phil d’Ornozio, President of Pilot Mortgage and President of CVaMP was invited as a local loan officer and one who actually originates high cost loans on a daily basis….  If there are issues that are specific to Virginia, like Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Tidewater and Richmond landing in the top 30 MSAs in this study, we need to act in Virginia.Finally Dana Wiggins, Responsible Lending Coordinator for VaPerl/Virginia Poverty Law Center….  Bell or a supervisor was asked.Next up, I will provide the perspectives from our table, during the roundtable discussions.Ed Note: This is part two of a multi-part series of posts authored by Matt Hodges, a mortgage broker in Charlottesville.

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