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Community Forum on Lending – Why do African Americans pay more in Central Virginia? Part 3 of 4

If communities can share in the knowledge base (remember, many African Americans do not have parents that have owned a home), understand that they can seek out additional loan options and fully understand the loan product that they are considering, the individual members will make wise decisions….  As much as Alex Gulotta would like to credit for pushing for licensure of loan officers and brokers (By the way, Alex, brokers are licensed, requiring experience level among its owners, must pass an oral exam and be examined by the Commonwealth every 18-24 months), Central Virginia Mortgage Professionals (CVaMP) is way ahead of you….  In that case, he or she is prohibited from telling the appropriate agency, whether it is Housing and Urban Development or Veteran’s Administration or Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae about the violation.Finally, many states are enacting a “tangible benefit” law….  Tomorrow I will list the action items that I will propose to our legislators, to Piedmont Housing Alliance and other community organizations, to the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors, to CVaMP and to our own brokerage, Compass Home Loans.

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